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Foaming Plant

Export Processing Zone 1.
Laem Chabang Industrial Estate,
259 Moo 3, Toongsukla, Sri Racha,
Chonburi 20230 Thailand

Tel: (66) 3840-1888
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Foam Manufacturing  


"East meets West"

Our business model is to provide specialty foam products (often referred to as technical foam products) combining the best business practices  of the eastern and western worlds.  From the eastern world we focus on state of the art manufacturing processes, efficient supply and logistics  and the importance of building long-term  business relationships. From the western world we utilize experience in specialty foam development and close interaction with customers to be considered a partner in developing   solutions to challenging and often unique requirements. 


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Operation overview:


Our engineered foam products include polyester and polyether polyurethane foam  with our  manufacturing and converting facility   strategically located in Laem Chanbang which is the major ocean port for  Thailand. Our location   allows us to efficiently supply technical foam products to our customers throughout Asia , Europe and North, Central  and South America. 


Our vertically integrated facility   allows us to offer a complete service from foam development to just-in-time supply of final products. This reduces  transportation and product handling cost between facilities. A principal service that we provide for our customers often involves  several different functions including  collaboration with customers  on identifying key performance criteria,  discussions on identifying solutions by utilizing our research and development  engineers. The result is an innovative solution combining our polyester and polyether foam production  and various processing capabilities. 


Research & Development


Our research and development team are located in Thailand and the United States and focus on collaborating  with our customers to quickly solve their technical foam related problems.  This requires a dedicated and focused development team and quick response time. The need to ensure prompt response time is evident by our position as the only specialty polyurethane foam manufacturer in southeast Asia with a prototype  production line that is dedicated  for research and development projects.  This allows us to provide ideas and then  innovative polyester and polyether technical foam prototype products to our customers for their immediate review.



Picture of prototype line



Picture of R&D staff in lab



Combining development and processing capabilities:

Our Research & Development cooperate closely with our engineering and production groups to offer solutions that combine new specialty foams with innovative foam fabrication. This allows us to offer solutions that combine technical foam development with  our diverse capabilities in foam reticulating,  laminating, quenching, felting/heat-pressing and rotary die-cutting.



Main industries served

Our focus is on cooperation and collaboration with  our valued customers in the automotive, electronics, industrial markets  and personal and beauty care markets.



Automotive market:

Technical polyether and polyester foams developed for use in applications ranging from  acoustic, sealing and gasketing (air and  water) and paint applications (grinding foams, cutting foams, buffing  foams)




Electronics market:

Specialty polyurethane  foams developed for use in applications ranging from cushioning,  energy absorption, filtering,  gasketing and noise absorption.





Industrial market:

Various  polyurethane  foams developed for filtering, acoustical and hi-durablity sponges developed for the building and cleaning market.





Personal and beauty market:

Technical polyurethane foams developed for applications varying from cosmetic puffs,  eye-shadow applicators and liquid foundation reservoir systems to easily moldable non-yellowing foam for ladies braziers and garments.


Photo of puff and eye-liner



Photo of bra and molded cup




Technologies and capability


  • A. Principal functions of polyester and polyurethane foams;


-Acoustic  foams (sound absorption)



-Cushioning       (energy absorption and vibration dampening)



-Filtering    (air, ceramic, water)



-Gasketing and sealing foams  (air and water)



-Liquid reservoiring  (holding and dispensing liquids)




  • B. Principal processing capabilities:




-Rotary cutting

-Heat-pressing (felting) -Hi-speed grinding

-Laminating  (adhesive and flame)




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