Foaming Plant

Foamtec International Co., Ltd.
Foaming Plant

Export Processing Zone 1.
Laem Chabang Industrial Estate,
259 Moo 3, Toongsukla, Sri Racha,
Chonburi 20230 Thailand

Tel: (66) 3840-1888
Fax: (66) 3840-1900

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Welcome to Foamtec International
   Foamtec International is one of the industry’s prime innovators and suppliers, specializing in manufacturing high quality cellular polymeric materials. We manufacture and fabricate technical flexible polyurethane foam that offers unusual control of properties such as surface area, permeability, void volume, pressure drop, stiffness, tensile, elongation, and density. Our technical PU foam has a wide range of tunable properties, which are designed to meet various customers’ needs, such as, energy and fluid management functions. For example, we control surface area and chemistry providing the foam with precise controllable wicking and fluid delivery. Additives such as germicide, fire suppressants, antistatic agents, antioxidant, light and UV packages can be formulated in to offer versatility and meet customer needs. The foam can be polyester-based or polyether-based, hydrophobic or hydrophilic.

   Foamtec International Co., Ltd. has been providing customers solutions for 8 years, starting from converting parts containing flexible PU foam, to offering a fully integrated foam and fabrication facility near the Laem Chabang deep sea port. Commissioned in late 2002, the Laem Chabang plant provides the only the technical flexible PU foam produced in Southeast Asia combined with integrated facilities to convert the foam buns to complex laminates and shapes. Our partnership with Foamtec International has provided a base knowledge and know how in technical PU foam, which we have quickly added to and expanded through our own research and development efforts. We have the latest foaming technology for making both polyester and polyether flexible foam with consistency and efficiency.

   Foamtec International Co., Ltd., Foaming Plant is located in Laem Chabang Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province, 100 km. from Bangkok. Operated by November 2002, under BOI and Free Trade Zone privileges. We manufacture the highest quality of Polyurethane Foam from a state of the art foam machine, converting and fabricating lines.

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