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  The best of East and West - that is the strenght of Foamex Asia. Combining Western cutting edge technology with traditions of dedicated customer service, Foamex Asia was established in 1997 as a joint venture between Foamex International Inc. and Hua Kee Co., Ltd. by 1998, Foamex Asia Co., Ltd. and Foamtec Singapore Pte. Ltd. achieved the prestigious ISO 9002 certification.  Foamex Asia now has operations in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China.

  Listed on the Nasdaq, USA, Foamex International holds the most patents worldwide in polyurethane foaming technology. Besides being at the very forefront of product research and development, the revenue base is robust, exceeding US$1 Billion annually. With over 40 manufacturing plants spread across North America and Mexico to attend to its geographically diverse clientele, it manufactures high performance polymer products used in a wide variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, millitary, consumer products, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. As a global leader in sophisticated foam manufacturing, coupled with significant international reach and the lastest state of the art facilities, customer satisfaction is almost synonymous with Foamex Internaional.

  Hua Kee is a leading Thai company well established in paper distribution, real estate, hotels, and plastic resins, and has diversified into a multiplicity of foreign brandname joint ventures in gas, energy and plastic megaplants; among them being Air Products, Basell and Mitsui.

  In aiming for leadership in all the markets that the Group expects to serve, we will endeavor to:

  • Optimize our manufacturing systems from design and planning to production and delivery, all with the aim of proactively satisfying the strict standards of our customers.
  • Providing laboratory test facilities in-house to minimize lead-time in the customer component certification process.
  • Customizing and improving manufacturing lines for dedication to repetitive customer orders.
  • Ensuring efficiencies in supply chain management by seeking continuous improvement from raw material sources and in best-practice engineering and logistical controls.

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